What devices can I use to enjoy THE COMICS LEVEL?

THE COMICS LEVEL is now available for iOS and Android-powered tablets and smartphones. Reading will be particularly enjoyable on 7-inch screen devices.

Do I need an internet connection in order to enjoy THE COMICS LEVEL?

Only to access the shop and download new comics. The comics you have already download can always be read, whether or not you have an internet connection.

What happens with my comics if I use a different device?

You can download the comics you already acquired again at any time. If you set up your THE COMICS LEVEL account, you can even download them on your iOS or Android device.

I have had problems purchasing content. What can I do?

If you think that an error occurred whilst making a purchase via iTunes or Google Play, we recommend you to get in touch with their customer services.

You haven't found a solution for your incidence?

If you haven't been able to solve the incidence you have, please contact us using our report form and we will get in touch with you asap.